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    Working out of Ferdinand Beyer Elementary Studies for the Pianoforte. Technic, rhythm. This is a great method for reading music, training of the hand, arm and fingers. Gaining an even and independent touch for every finger. Good technic can go a long way. Having a solid foundation of form and posture is key to great playing.

    Good piano playing technique involves the simultaneous understanding in both the mind and the body of the relationships between the elements of music theory, recognition of musical patterns in notation and at the fingertips, the physical landscape of the entire range of the keyboard, finger dexterity and independence, and a wide range of touch and tone production for a variety of emotional expressions.

    Skills in all of these areas are typically nurtured and developed for the sake of expressing oneself more effectively and naturally through the sound of the piano, so that the elements of technique will sound alive with musicality.

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